DHA Lahore Property Market Trends 2019

Posted on 2019/04/12

The real estate market continues improving further in April. Considering the same trend in the coming months of 2019, DHA property trends are expected to boost up. The demand for DHA properties for sale is mounting with the development of suburbs of Lahore.

DHA Lahore Property Trends

The last quarter of the year in property dealing industry is normally the best time for exit. The first quarter is usually purchasing period. We will study different viewpoints with regard to descending, ascending and steady trends.

Descending Trends

Phase 7 residential plots in the lower portion have observed a slight dip in rates as the possession bubble which added 1.2 to 1.5 million gusts. This was a very insignificant increase in price with respect to the long-anticipated possession in terms of a house for sale in DHA Lahore. Phase 9 Town has observed a slight reduction but as the number of houses is on the rise, we believe rectification would take place adding anywhere between 3-5 lacs in rates.

Phase 6 CCA 2 has seen depression in rates and seem very profitable as future investments. Phase 8 CCA 1 and 2 have observed a dip in rates and are a long term investment plan. Phase 8 Z block commercials are steady for now. It would also seem a very money-spinning option from a commercial investment perspective.

Ascending Trends

Recently, DHA phase 5 house for sale has seen a slight upsurge in rates. Although insignificant, but the rates have augmented a bit. Phase 6 has also witnessed an escalation in prices, especially L block and K block which were previously underrated in comparison to neighboring blocks.

Steady Trends

DHA Rahbar files, particularly 4 marla commercials, are at the low rates. This means this would be the high demand time for Defence Housing properties for sale. Phase 8 residential plot in DHA Lahore have also witnessed steadiness with respect to rates. Similarly, Phase 7 upper portion remains steady. Phase 6 CCA remains steady despite positive features i.e. trademarks opening up. The main reason is the rental return which is on the very low side.

Trends In Terms Of Apartment Complex

Goldcrest DHA Lahore Mall and Residency project is doing as per probabilities. Rates for smaller apartments are now at 18000 per sq. ft. as expected though 2 bed apartments above 1600 sq. ft. are still available for 15000 per sq. ft. and we recommend you to invest in the few 3-bed apartments which are left at the launch price as premium is growing on the smaller apartments every month.

The trends in residential property have witnessed a significant zigzag. The drift towards DHA phase 2 houses has increased as with the 10 marla house for sale in DHA Lahore. Stay tuned to the upcoming blog at Next Home for a complete understanding and guidance regarding selling and buying of property.

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