Gwadar Port Will Take 20 25 Years To Develop Gwadar Port Authority Chairman

Posted on 2019/04/26

“Since Gwadar port is a world-class facility, it requires high-tech coastal engineering, state-of-the-art dredging and modern craftsmanship. According to our master plan, it will take almost 20 to 25 years to develop the port.” --Naseer Khan Kashani, chairman of the Gwadar Port Authority

The chairman of GPA discussed the major projects in Gwadar such as Gwadar International Airport, East-Bay Expressway, coal-based power plants, Pak-China technical and vocational institute, projects for portable water, a China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital, a project called ‘Clean and Green Gwadar’ for the local environment and the Gwadar Smart port city master plan. Gwadar city master plans have all the specifications.

According to the chairman, all these projects are at different stages of completion. And thus, it will take 20 to 25 years to make Gwadar an ideal region for investment. The revival of Gwadar property market will take place.

Hopefully, once the port is built, other Pakistani industries, like Gwadar property market, will slowly move in. And then commercial activities will follow. After such a momentum builds, Gwadar will be ready for tourists.

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