Living In DHA Karachi Or DHA Lahore Real Estate Price Differences And Comparison

Posted on 2019/05/09

Recently DHA is the topmost investment choice amongst financial specialists and investors of Karachi and Lahore. Because of trouble-free property transfer method and investment security offered by DHA, foreigners and overseas Pakistanis to consider it a primary investment option.

Comparison Between DHA Karachi And DHA Lahore

Here is a suave comparison between DHA Karachi and DHA Lahore in terms of real estate, lifestyle and investment potential.



DHA Karachi has concreted roads and efficient security arrangements for its residents. Located in the southern region of Karachi, near Clifton, DHA encompasses 8 phases. All the phases of DHA are well planned and equally developed. DHA Karachi is the center of focus for those who wish to build deluxe homes and live in bungalows. Nevertheless, that does not mean you cannot find flats or apartments here. There are numerous choices available if you are looking to purchase an apartment. Most of the apartments are situated in the newly constructed housing schemes and designated commercial areas. DHA is surely one of the posh areas of Karachi. The area is renowned for its state-of-the-art shopping centers, eateries, spas and salons, and designer boutiques.


DHA Lahore is located in the southern region of Lahore. DHA Lahore is also one of the generally known real estate brands of the city. The housing project is widely known for its luxury standards of living. The venture features all essential and other breathtaking features to make this scheme one of the most appealing choices. The project mostly provides houses and residential plots. Nevertheless, similar to Karachi, you can find flats and apartments in DHA Lahore too. The housing scheme observed massive expansion over the years and now it has a total of 9 phases. The community encompasses modern shopping centers, highly equipped hospitals, a number of restaurants, gyms, and parks.

Real Estate Prices

Budget is the most essential factor while going for a real estate investment. Let’s compare and discuss DHA properties for sale and ongoing price trends of DHA ventures in the two cities.

  • Prices Of Properties In DHA Karachi

When it comes to defence housing properties for sale in Karachi, the houses prices start from PKR 2.5 crore to PKR 60 crore. On the other hand, an apartment can be on sale for PKR 40 lakh to PKR 8 crore. Around PKR 1.65 crore to PKR 35 crore is needed to buy a residential plot in Defence Karachi.

  • Prices Of Properties In DHA Lahore

If you are interested in buying residential plot for sale in DHA Lahore, the price of a house here can cost between PKR 85 lakh and PKR 22 crore. Meanwhile, an apartment can cost anywhere from PKR 1 crore to PKR 3.56 crore. A residential plot, on the other hand, can be an investment of PKR 28 lakh to PKR 22 crore. For the latest DHA phase 7 plot prices, click here.


  • Lahore Lifestyle

Lahore is one of Pakistan’s ethnically rich cities, having a lot of history associated with its name. The capital city of Punjab is also known for its welcoming and warm people and its traditional events. Along with being a clean and pleasant city to live in, it is also quite safe. The summers here are intense though with rainy and mild winters.

Overall, Lahore is a nucleus of historical architecture, national monuments, food streets and a central transport system that lets you travel between it all. The city sleeps early, as it is not known for its nightlife. People of Lahore prefer to live in houses as compared to apartments.

  • Karachi lifestyle

Also recognized as the ‘City of Lights’, Karachi is a city that rarely sleeps with restaurants being open well after midnight, even on weekdays. The city experiences mild winters and hot summers. Nevertheless, it might not be as secure or clean as the other city we are discussing. Being Pakistan’s major economic center, it is the go-to place for many small families and job seekers.

Food is easily obtainable in the city to all and is fairly reasonable in price as compared to parts of Punjab where food is high-priced. Karachi does not have a central transport system. Nevertheless, rickshaws and public buses are easily available to commute from one place to the next. People of Karachi prefer to live in apartments as compared to houses.

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