PM Approves Signal free Leh Expressway Project

Posted on 2019/03/13

Rawalpindi: According to the recent news source, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has approved the 22-KM Leh Expressway project that would be the signal free. Imran Khan also granted permission to build a mother-and-child hospital in Rawalpindi District and endorsed funds for it.

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The expressway project started by former president General Pervez Musharraf in March in 2007 to control the floods in the Nullah Leh, FWO began to working on it. But, later on, PML-N withdrew the funding to the project. In the recent interview of Railway Minister, Sheikh Rasheed said that Rawalpindi and Islamabad traffic issue would disappear entirely with the completion of this expressway project.

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He also stated in his interview “The residents of Rawalpindi will be safe from flood like situation particularly during monsoon season,”

In addition, “Making Leh Expressway is a main responsibility on my shoulders and I will try to complete it,” he said.

As per news, Imran Khan will launch the signal-free Leh Expressway project by the end of March, or the start of April. The federal and Punjab governments will release the funds. FWO once again will start the work on the signal-free expressway project.

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Focal person of the signal-free Leh Expressway project, Sheikh Rasheed said that the land-acquisition process would start in a couple of weeks. He also mentioned that the project had been extended; it will connect Sawan Adda with IJP Road and Peshawar Morr.

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