Top 3 Areas to Buy a Plot in Lahore for March 2019

Posted on 2019/03/11

Are you looking for Property for sale in Lahore? If you are willing to invest your money in buying a plot and you are confused about the area where to buy the plot? Investing in the plot is seemed to be one of the best businesses to get even more than 100% ROI. In this post you will get to know about all the affordable and lucrative areas of Lahore to buy your first plot in Lahore for March 2019.

Lahore is a universally recognized city and is renowned for its immeasurable foods, cultural antiquity, festivities and historical sites. Many people live here because they attain the best facilities and amenities in Lahore. If you are looking for an area for investment in great aspect, I am giving here, all the information about the best areas of Lahore where you can buy the plot.

As real estate market in Lahore has been continuously more focused towards homes as compared to apartments, there is the abundance of possibilities in newly built housing societies for investors to purchase a plot and construct the house as per their demands. Nevertheless, before executing such an investment, you must know about the best areas where to buy the plot.

According to research and recent historical data, five significant areas of Lahore are in extreme search of the buyers and investors. They are interested in buying the plot on a quick basis.

Featured Areas of Lahore to buy a plot in March 2019

  • DHA Defence

  • Bahria Town Lahore

  • Bahria Orchard Lahore

According to the Chart, DHA Defence is one of the hottest area of Lahore for investment. Investors and buyers are investing their money to buy a plot.  You can also search for Property for sale in Lahore on

DHA Defence

DHA Lahore is a prestigious residential area, mainly for the affluent of Pakistan who is in search of living an amicable and standard lifestyle. Defence Housing Authority is one of the wealthy areas of the Lahore city. With its chic and classy appearances of the DHA Lahore, it excites the property claimants to move into the DHA Lahore.

The most recommended phases for acquiring a plot in DHA Lahore are Phase 7, 8 and 9. Among these phases, Phase 7 is on the top searches, and the investors have a look to invest in it.

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria town Lahore is one of the pioneering housing societies in the Lahore in the south-west side of Lahore, and it was built with the impact of Greco-Roman. 5 to 10 years ago, it was appeared to move in another city, however, since the significant maintainable advancements and long term investments made It the cosmopolitan city that helped to banish such thoughts from the people’s mind.

Sector C, F and E are most featured sectors of Bahria Town Lahore, with much searches. Among all sectors,  Sector C is best area for buying the plot. Bahria town lahore house prices varies from sector to sector.

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard is admittedly the housing society of the chic lifestyle where you can experience a tranquil life away from the noisy city centre of the Lahore. It is the wish of every person to buy the residential plot in the prime area of the city which comprises all the conveniences. Bahria town is always the first option for such people.

After the most searched areas, here comes the Bahria orchard. Phase 1,2 and 4 are most searched areas and best for buying the plot as an investment.

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