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Purchasing a land portion and after that building up a house on it as according to your desires - Is there a superior inclination than this? While just a fantasy for the larger part, some do make it to the day to see their homecoming to fruition starting from the earliest stage.

Most Popular Areas For Residential Plots For Sale In Lahore

Since property and development rates have ascend, it has turned out to be extra cautious with your venture or investment funds. The being-cautious procedure starts with choosing the most ideal residential plot available to be purchased in Lahore.

Pondering on which areas are ideal to put resources into? All things considered, you can quit pondering since our experts have displayed the best regions with residential plots available to be purchased in Lahore.


Bahria Town ranked as the most explored areas with residential plots for sale in Lahore. Bahria Town’s Sector E, Sector C, and Sector F are the most famous when it comes to buying a residential plot. For recent prices regarding plots for sale in Bahria Town Lahore, click here.


Bahria Orchard holds a significant ranking on the list of most searched localities with residential plots for sale in Lahore. Phase 2 is the most famous sub-district. Phase 1 comes next and Phase 4 follows it as the most searched zone of Bahria Orchard. Check out the recent prices of residential plots for sale in Bahria Orchard.


Defence Housing Authority is regarded as one of the 23.9% most searched societies, making it the top region for purchasing a residential plot in Lahore. The most famous phases of DHA Lahore are Phase 7, Phase 8, and Phase 6.


Lake City Lahore is an emerging locality with high searched rates. With Sector M-7, M-8 and Sector M-3 as the most sought-after areas.


LDA Avenue ranks last but not least on the list of the famous areas with residential plots for sale in Lahore. Block J, Block A, and Block M of LDA Avenue are the most famous sub-areas here.


Next Home being the best property portal in Pakistan concludes the list of the most popular areas with residential plots for sale in Lahore according to the search trends. Nevertheless, if you are looking for other popular areas in Lahore to buy a plot, stay tuned to our blogs that will help you for your investment in a residential or commercial plot.

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Ferozepur Road is the greatest and most significant road of Lahore. Numerous schools, colleges, workplaces, and landmarks are arranged on this prestigious road. Ferozepur Road is connected with different streets and roads, including the Lahore Ring Road. The prevalent Metro Bus keeps running crosswise over Ferozepur Road from Gajjumatta to Chuburji. This makes it a great investment potential for residential and commercial units.

Top Projects On Ferozepur Road

Due to the investment potential, many new projects in Lahore have the foundation linked to Ferozepur road. Property rates here have gone up in the last year. Thus, this part of the city has the potential to spring to life.

Here is a short overview of what is currently happening regarding top projects located along Ferozepur Road.

  • Palm City

The project was introduced some months ago and despite the fact the investment volume drizzled into the property market is relatively high, 80% of the best property for sale for Palm City has been sold out. According to the agents operating in Palm City, the society has started to welcome inhabitants, where as many as 50 houses are under development.

  • Central Park Housing Scheme

Central Park Scheme is one of the major housing schemes on the road and many of its blocks are in shape to serve the residents and investors. It is expected that expansion work in these blocks will recommence during the mid of 2019. In the meanwhile, there has been little demand in these sectors and therefore a slow yet subtle rise of 5% is reported there.

  • Bahria Nasheman

Bahria Town has only established 30% of the society and will be introducing new booking deals once it sees the neighborhood ready for offering prime plots on suitable rates. In the meanwhile, the recently introduced plots in Bahria Nasheman Zinia and Sunflower Blocks have been sold out with only a few more property left. Moreover, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) approval for these two areas is also under procedure. Bahria Nasheman could easily advantage from its reachable location on Ferozepur Road and also the fact that many individuals already call it home.

  • Ferozepur City Lahore

Ferozepur City is located on Ferozepur Road in a close vicinity to Sue-E-Asal, Central Park, and Bahria Nasheman. The scheme has 5 Marla commercial plots and 5, 10, 20 and 40 Marla residential plots for sale. 5 and 8 Marla Homes and 1-2 Bedroom apartments are also available. The booking of these plots can be done via cash payment or an easy installment of 3 years.

  • Model Housing Lahore

Model Housing Scheme is a residential project located on Ferozepur Road close to Central Park Housing Scheme. The scheme offers residential plots of 3, 5, 8, 10 and 20 Marla. No commercial plots are accessible for now.

  • LDA City

LDA City has 5, 10 and 20 Marla residential plots for sale. It is the greatest housing development in the history of Lahore in terms of area - 61,000 Kanals of land to be exact. LDA City is one of the top housing projects in Lahore because of its topnotch planning, provision of every single general amenity and top area. LDA City is picture-perfect for living and land investment.

Really A Great Investment Potential

These top-notch projects have made Ferozepur Road a great investment potential. And there has been an upsurge in the investment list since last two years. For more information regarding property for sale, rent or buy, contact Being best online property portal, the website delivers you minute details and updates regarding property for sale alongside Ferozepur Road.

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Toward the beginning of the year, the Balochistan government declared subtleties of their master plan for the zone which would work to propel plans made under the CPEC project. This was trailed by updates on further investment from UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries.

Best Time To Invest In Gwadar

The city could scarcely take a breath before Gwadar Expo 2019 which brought along noteworthy news from PM Imran Khan. And this leads to the debate - is now the best time to invest in Gwadar?

Remarkable Returns On Investment

If you are a stakeholder, your number one goal is to search for properties that will provide you with a significant profit over a long period of time. This is where Gwadar scores greatly over all other real estate ventures somewhere else in Pakistan. What is very attractive for those who are planning to invest in plots for sale in Gwadar projects? Right now, the costs are lying very low but they are increasing at a furious pace and specialists believe they will explode once Gwadar port will become more operational. View the recent rates for residential plots in Gwadar.

Gwadar Updates - Real Estate Contractors Are On Their Toes To Make An Entry

Supposedly, reputable developers from Pakistan are keen to buy open land in Gwadar. They plan to launch new projects in Gwadar in the near future.  Formerly, the news about deals carried out for purchasing huge land acres spread like wildfire in Gwadar. As soon as government shared the Gwadar Master Plan, property rates have risen up. And this augmentation is projected to go much higher. Real estate developers wish to buy land before these changes take more effect.

It is indeed the prime time to invest in Gwadar

There are never going to be any stable guarantees but based on the outbreak of recent investments, it would propose that there has never been a better time to invest in Gwadar. As soon as development got underway on the city’s airport, concern in residential plot for sale in Gwadar purchases is going to deepen but Imran Khan’s added announcements only serve to intensify excitement.

Next Home is the market leader in Gwadar real estate. In total, there are over 3,000 properties in progress across 10 million square feet of land so there is adequately supply but rates have the potential to rise dramatically as the good news surrounding Gwadar continues to build. The short answer to the original question is indeed to be YES. Existing projects are coming to completion while new ones are being added so this may well be the prime time to invest in Gwadar.

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For property interests in Lahore, there can't be preferable choices over Bahria Town Lahore. This private project conveys the modern heritage of lifestyle launched by Bahria Town Private Limited. Consistently individuals to whom you ask guidance about property for sale in Lahore will enlighten you about concerning Bahria Town. We are going to feature specific sectors of Bahria Town Lahore where it's an ideal opportunity to invest regarding commercial and residential property.

Rental Homes

The rental property trends in Bahria Town are gaining a boost. Even when the property costs are declining, the rental market is blasting and investors are making some incredible returns.

Since a lot of population lives in rental homes and Bahria Town is the most well known area for living in a financial plan. Demand for homes for rent in Bahria Town is rising day by day due to multiple factors, such as security, power backup, community benefits and availability of commercial and retail hub.

Small Homes

Among other rental property, small homes are the most favored in Bahria Town. Trends show a growing demand of houses of 5 Marla. Prices of these houses differ due to a number of factors such as location, block, property category and furnishing status.


With the increasing demand for land and houses, the trend of apartments has really predominated in Bahria Town. There are a number of apartment projects being built and many have been accomplished. Apartments for sale in Bahria Town are the best options for people having budgetary constraints.


Due to the increasing population in Lahore, the need for housing has increased significantly. It has become difficult for salaried class people to buy home, they prefer buying plots, so that they may have sufficient time to save money for meeting their construction goals. You may easily find residential plots for sale in Bahria Town Lahore in different price range depending upon the area, sector, block and category.


The execution of taxes and government duties has had an unfavorable effect on the property prices. As far as those people who have a few savings, this is a good time to save more money and buy a property in Bahria Town and if you have already shifted to Lahore, Bahria Town will offer you with the best living experience.

Looking For More?

For more information about houses for sale in Bahria Town and houses for rent in Bahria Town, feel free to visit our website to view an array of property listings in different sectors of Bahria Town.

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A standout amongst the most overwhelming job that needs to be done, when you are searching for a spot to live is to choose between houses or to purchase apartments in Lahore. The pattern of apartment buildings in Lahore has some strong points of interest over a home and everything comes down to who needs what that will define there choice to purchase a home or a flat.

Common Features Of Apartments:

Have a read about common features you should consider before deciding what you type of apartment need.

1. Good For Small Family

Small families with a couple of kids or single men/ladies or senior residents living in Lahore who have their kids living abroad, apartments are a good option. It is greatly recommended to live in a small flat as opposed to owning a home.

2. Time Savior And Efficient

The cutting edge apartment structures offer a great deal of administrations and arrangements that can spare you time. So if you have a bustling daily schedule and both you and your partner are working, it is smarter to take a look at purchasing an apartment which offers you clothing, housekeeping, maintenance and cooking administrations.

3. Financially Savvy

Buying an apartment in Lahore can consequently spare your time and cash both as the prices of Homes in Lahore are very high and unreachable for most of the people. And the saved money can be put to great use by brightening your flat with ornaments, decorations, paintings or whatever you lean toward.

4. Wellbeing And Security

You ought to consider buying an apartment in Lahore in a nice area or a multiplex, so you feel safe from criminal activities. As the structure itself has its security and mechanisms to keep you and your family protected.


Lahore is expected to grow vertically up. That means life in apartment buildings! The multi-unit homes are built with different facilities, for example, pools, exercise center, shopping outlets and substantially more. You get every one of these facilities under one rooftop and without paying a lot for them, this will incorporate a focal kitchen or an eatery, which offers all day, every day administrations at your doorstep and on the off chance that you are not in a temperament for cooking, you can get yourself a treat.


The rental value is of a flat is much better than a house and you get all the property administration for free. A risk factor that people tend to forget while investing in an expensive house is its selling time and retailing cost. Buying an apartment can lessen that amount of tax as compared to buying a house.

Living in Downtown, Gulberg Lahore

Most of the nice apartments of Lahore are developed in the zones, which provide an easy approach to the commercial hubs of the city. The apartments provide with accessibility, not just to your job area, but to your daily life needs, entertainment and activities and shopping requirements. Gulberg is the downtown of Lahore and buying an Apartment in Gulberg is a dream of everyone. Imagine yourself, getting all these amenities in one multi dwelling where you reside, wonderful isn’t it?

Luxurious Lifestyle

You like to live with a luxurious lifestyle or you don't t

There is no third supposition about it.  The luxurious life is accessible to you in a luxury apartment at a reasonable cost. All inhabitants of an apartment building, pay an insignificant administration charge to help in maintenance of the amenities. No big surprise, individuals who live abroad are so pulled in to such way of life as they have built up a sample of it while living in areas like London and New York.

Feel Yourself Connected In Apartments For Sale In Lahore By Next Home:

Next Home being a tech savvy property portal offers individuals a safe and secure investment plans through Lahore. The following reasons make you feel connected living in Flats in Gulberg Lahore:

  • They are located in financial and commercial corridor
  • They are less than 5 minutes drive to Liberty Market
  • The center point and main boulevard is just at 2 minutes drive
  • MM Alam Road, Ferozepur Road and Kalma Chowk is at 3 minutes drive

Owning a luxury apartment is a sound alternative and favors your monetary terms. It is secure, maintenance is simple and bother free.

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Are you looking for Property for sale in Lahore? If you are willing to invest your money in buying a plot and you are confused about the area where to buy the plot? Investing in the plot is seemed to be one of the best businesses to get even more than 100% ROI. In this post you will get to know about all the affordable and lucrative areas of Lahore to buy your first plot in Lahore for March 2019.

Lahore is a universally recognized city and is renowned for its immeasurable foods, cultural antiquity, festivities and historical sites. Many people live here because they attain the best facilities and amenities in Lahore. If you are looking for an area for investment in great aspect, I am giving here, all the information about the best areas of Lahore where you can buy the plot.

As real estate market in Lahore has been continuously more focused towards homes as compared to apartments, there is the abundance of possibilities in newly built housing societies for investors to purchase a plot and construct the house as per their demands. Nevertheless, before executing such an investment, you must know about the best areas where to buy the plot.

According to research and recent historical data, five significant areas of Lahore are in extreme search of the buyers and investors. They are interested in buying the plot on a quick basis.

Featured Areas of Lahore to buy a plot in March 2019

  • DHA Defence

  • Bahria Town Lahore

  • Bahria Orchard Lahore

According to the Chart, DHA Defence is one of the hottest area of Lahore for investment. Investors and buyers are investing their money to buy a plot.  You can also search for Property for sale in Lahore on

DHA Defence

DHA Lahore is a prestigious residential area, mainly for the affluent of Pakistan who is in search of living an amicable and standard lifestyle. Defence Housing Authority is one of the wealthy areas of the Lahore city. With its chic and classy appearances of the DHA Lahore, it excites the property claimants to move into the DHA Lahore.

The most recommended phases for acquiring a plot in DHA Lahore are Phase 7, 8 and 9. Among these phases, Phase 7 is on the top searches, and the investors have a look to invest in it.

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria town Lahore is one of the pioneering housing societies in the Lahore in the south-west side of Lahore, and it was built with the impact of Greco-Roman. 5 to 10 years ago, it was appeared to move in another city, however, since the significant maintainable advancements and long term investments made It the cosmopolitan city that helped to banish such thoughts from the people’s mind.

Sector C, F and E are most featured sectors of Bahria Town Lahore, with much searches. Among all sectors,  Sector C is best area for buying the plot. Bahria town lahore house prices varies from sector to sector.

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard is admittedly the housing society of the chic lifestyle where you can experience a tranquil life away from the noisy city centre of the Lahore. It is the wish of every person to buy the residential plot in the prime area of the city which comprises all the conveniences. Bahria town is always the first option for such people.

After the most searched areas, here comes the Bahria orchard. Phase 1,2 and 4 are most searched areas and best for buying the plot as an investment.