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Toward the beginning of the year, the Balochistan government declared subtleties of their master plan for the zone which would work to propel plans made under the CPEC project. This was trailed by updates on further investment from UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries.

Best Time To Invest In Gwadar

The city could scarcely take a breath before Gwadar Expo 2019 which brought along noteworthy news from PM Imran Khan. And this leads to the debate - is now the best time to invest in Gwadar?

Remarkable Returns On Investment

If you are a stakeholder, your number one goal is to search for properties that will provide you with a significant profit over a long period of time. This is where Gwadar scores greatly over all other real estate ventures somewhere else in Pakistan. What is very attractive for those who are planning to invest in plots for sale in Gwadar projects? Right now, the costs are lying very low but they are increasing at a furious pace and specialists believe they will explode once Gwadar port will become more operational. View the recent rates for residential plots in Gwadar.

Gwadar Updates - Real Estate Contractors Are On Their Toes To Make An Entry

Supposedly, reputable developers from Pakistan are keen to buy open land in Gwadar. They plan to launch new projects in Gwadar in the near future.  Formerly, the news about deals carried out for purchasing huge land acres spread like wildfire in Gwadar. As soon as government shared the Gwadar Master Plan, property rates have risen up. And this augmentation is projected to go much higher. Real estate developers wish to buy land before these changes take more effect.

It is indeed the prime time to invest in Gwadar

There are never going to be any stable guarantees but based on the outbreak of recent investments, it would propose that there has never been a better time to invest in Gwadar. As soon as development got underway on the city’s airport, concern in residential plot for sale in Gwadar purchases is going to deepen but Imran Khan’s added announcements only serve to intensify excitement.

Next Home is the market leader in Gwadar real estate. In total, there are over 3,000 properties in progress across 10 million square feet of land so there is adequately supply but rates have the potential to rise dramatically as the good news surrounding Gwadar continues to build. The short answer to the original question is indeed to be YES. Existing projects are coming to completion while new ones are being added so this may well be the prime time to invest in Gwadar.

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After getting an awesome response of buyers and customers, DHA Bahawalpur has extended the deadline for the booking of lately announced attractive deals of commercial and residential plots.

The proclamation of this new booking is bringing a great opportunity for interested customers who have missed the chance to book their plots in the latest ballot.

The deadline is stretched out for farmhouses as well. DHA Bahawalpur has just extended the date of form submission for its valued customers who failed to book their plots on the given deadline to April 25th.

Stay tuned to Next Home for latest updates. 

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In a waning real estate market in Pakistan, where supply surpasses demand, an individual can sell a house quicker by bringing down the cost. There are different approaches to improve house attractiveness.

Tips To Sale House In Pakistan

In case you're hoping to sell your house in a cooling property market, read on six amazing tips to sale your house in Pakistan through properties portal.

1. Distinguish From Others

To attract buyers and to make your house more remarkable, consider custom designs or particular additions, such as landscaping, new roof or high-grade windows. So, while we suggest making small renovations—like replacing the kitchen sink faucet or updating an old water heater—we do not recommend doing any major modifications. If you have a sorely outdated bathroom or kitchen, you will usually come out ahead by discounting the asking cost, so a purchaser can choose its own textures. This can help improve the house's aesthetics, while potentially adding value to the house property for sale in Lahore and other parts of the country. Any amendments should be practical and use designs and colors that will appeal to the broadest audience. Moreover, they should match the house and its other facilities, such as building a lawn or patio adjacent to outdoor area.

2. Candy-coat The Deal

Another way to make the house and deal more appealing to purchasers is to offer terms or things that might candy-coat the pot. For instance, sellers that offer the purchaser a couple of thousand PKR credit toward closing prices, or offer to pay closing prices entirely will in some cases gain more attention from house hunters searching for similar houses. In a downcast market, purchasers are looking for a deal, so do your best to make them feel they are getting what they want.

3. Remove Away The Clutter

It is essential to remove all clutter from the house before showing it to prospective buyers because purchasers need to be able to imagine themselves in the area. This might include eliminating some furniture to make rooms look bigger, and putting away personal items and family photographs.

4. Enhance Curb Appeal

Sellers often overlook the importance of their house's curb appeal. The first thing a purchaser sees is a house's outward appearance and the way it fits into the neighboring area. Try to make sure that the external part has a fresh coat of paint, and that the bushes and lawn are well trimmed. In property market, appearances matter a lot especially regarding buying of DHA properties. What better way to make your house apart than to make it eye-catchy at first glance?

5. Your House Should Be In "Move In" Condition

Aesthetics are imperative, but it is also important that appliances, doors and plumbing & electrical fittings be in compliance with latest building codes and in function. Again, the idea is to have the house in move-in state and to give prospective purchasers the impression that they will be able to shift right in and start relishing their new house, rather than having to spend money and time fixing it up.

6. Right Pricing

No matter how well you refurbish and stage your house, it is still important to price appropriately especially properties for sale in Bahria Orchard. Consult a local real estate agency like Next Home or visit their online real estate site to see what comparable houses are going for in your area.

Selling your house fast requires a little extra effort. Do everything you can to get the house in admirable shape and be prepared to make some small reductions at closing. These amazing tips together with an attractive rate will increase the odds of getting your house sold effectively in Pakistan.

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The year 2018 resembled a bad dream for Pakistan Real Estate Sector. The property market was inconsistent decline because of the new property laws, political unsteadiness and financial emergency. The circumstance is as yet the equivalent at the beginning of 2019. This blog is composed after knowing the perspectives on real estate agents, purchasers, and dealers about the fate of Pakistan Real Estate Market.

Real Estate Forecast 2019

Here is Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2019 Market Analysis that will help everybody in settling on the correct choice about property for sale in Pakistan trends.

The sector is anticipated to see a rise in investments within 2019, particularly as there are several new development projects underway throughout the country that will affect real estate standards upon their completion. The CPEC is also flooring the way for foreign investments to come flooding in, as the land near Gwadar is developed into residential communities and housing schemes.

Factors Affecting Property Trends

Presently, there is low property demand in Pakistan as few people are willing to finance in real estate sector. There are many factors that have diverted the investments from real estate sector:

  • FBR steady property valuation rate increase
  • Investigation about source of income; crackdown on black money
  • Property buying limitations for non-filers
  • Heavy fines on registrars to progress the files of non-filers
  • Overseas Pakistanis restricted to transfer funds before 60 days of buying
  • Government’s buying back plan for properties registered at low prices
  • High interest rate has enforced the people to credit money in banks
  • Fear of losing money due to the property swindles; housing schemes
  • Start of 5 million reasonable homes; Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Current Real Estate Market Trends


Sellers are of 3 varieties. In 1st category are the sellers who have the holding influence and can wait to find the suitable purchasers. In the second category are the sellers who need money and are ready to sell properties at loss. In the third category are the skilled sellers who know that rates are falling so they are anxious to sell properties immediately to minimize the losses.


Purchasers are waiting for the correct time to buy properties due to two major reasons. Firstly, purchasers want to see the results of NAB’s analysis of illegal housing projects. Secondly, purchasers are waiting for the property rates to bottom out so that they can buy properties at very reasonable pricing.


Realtors are in the worst situation. 40% of real estate agents have closed their business because of record low revenues. The realtors who became investors have observed huge losses. Even many have even sold out their homes and cars. Everyday realtors are swapping to other businesses due to the substandard situation of property sector.

Real Estate Market In Lahore

Lahore’s property market saw an escalation in property rates last year, as many positive policies and reforms were expected to turn the country’s current economic situation around. There is comparatively an increased trend of home for sale in Bahria Town Lahore after Malik Riaz case has been resolved. Next Home being an avid property portal focuses on the DHA property trends and other parts of the city to help investors in the long run. 



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The real estate market continues improving further in April. Considering the same trend in the coming months of 2019, DHA property trends are expected to boost up. The demand for DHA properties for sale is mounting with the development of suburbs of Lahore.

DHA Lahore Property Trends

The last quarter of the year in property dealing industry is normally the best time for exit. The first quarter is usually purchasing period. We will study different viewpoints with regard to descending, ascending and steady trends.

Descending Trends

Phase 7 residential plots in the lower portion have observed a slight dip in rates as the possession bubble which added 1.2 to 1.5 million gusts. This was a very insignificant increase in price with respect to the long-anticipated possession in terms of a house for sale in DHA Lahore. Phase 9 Town has observed a slight reduction but as the number of houses is on the rise, we believe rectification would take place adding anywhere between 3-5 lacs in rates.

Phase 6 CCA 2 has seen depression in rates and seem very profitable as future investments. Phase 8 CCA 1 and 2 have observed a dip in rates and are a long term investment plan. Phase 8 Z block commercials are steady for now. It would also seem a very money-spinning option from a commercial investment perspective.

Ascending Trends

Recently, DHA phase 5 house for sale has seen a slight upsurge in rates. Although insignificant, but the rates have augmented a bit. Phase 6 has also witnessed an escalation in prices, especially L block and K block which were previously underrated in comparison to neighboring blocks.

Steady Trends

DHA Rahbar files, particularly 4 marla commercials, are at the low rates. This means this would be the high demand time for Defence Housing properties for sale. Phase 8 residential plot in DHA Lahore have also witnessed steadiness with respect to rates. Similarly, Phase 7 upper portion remains steady. Phase 6 CCA remains steady despite positive features i.e. trademarks opening up. The main reason is the rental return which is on the very low side.

Trends In Terms Of Apartment Complex

Goldcrest DHA Lahore Mall and Residency project is doing as per probabilities. Rates for smaller apartments are now at 18000 per sq. ft. as expected though 2 bed apartments above 1600 sq. ft. are still available for 15000 per sq. ft. and we recommend you to invest in the few 3-bed apartments which are left at the launch price as premium is growing on the smaller apartments every month.

The trends in residential property have witnessed a significant zigzag. The drift towards DHA phase 2 houses has increased as with the 10 marla house for sale in DHA Lahore. Stay tuned to the upcoming blog at Next Home for a complete understanding and guidance regarding selling and buying of property.

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PM Imran Khan is reported to inaugurate The Naya Pakistan Housing Authority on April 17 in the capital city.

135,000 housing units would be constructed across the country in the first phase.

25,000 apartments will be constructed in Islamabad for federal government employees and 110,000 apartments will be built in Balochistan for fishermen of Gwadar.” -- Fawad Chaudhry

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, fishermen will have a shelter over their heads and they will be given modern accommodation facilities.

Moreover, the cabinet also approved the establishment of a Media University whose headquarters will be in the capital.

“Media University will be founded after merging three academies namely Information Academy, PTV Academy and Pakistan Broadcasting Academy” -- Fawad Chaudhry

The registration process for the Naya Pakistan Housing Program began on October 22. For more information, see the latest updates on Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

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“My vision for future cities is to allow buildings to rise vertically and ensure more green areas in Pakistan. As it is one of the most environmentally threatened countries.” -- PM Imran Khan

Afterwards, the premier announced that he would avoid large sprawling built-up areas and would also allow the easier provision of amenities to high-rise building projects in Pakistan.

The expansion of high-rise buildings began as a vital necessity when urban areas were no longer to expand horizontally, so needed to grow vertically. High population growth rate in urban areas means that land prices rise high, small room for expansion on the peripheries of the city and thus high-rise buildings provided a solution: more area for commercial as well as residential spaces within the country.

Dawn Of New Apartment Projects In Lahore

The federal cabinet had approved the PM’s initiative of permitting construction of high-rise buildings in the capital. And same would go for the housing projects in Lahore and other major cities.

“Emphasis on vertical structure is the need of the hour in view of the increased population and fast depleting green belts, especially in major cities of the country.” -- PM Imran Khan

Before that, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) used to encourage horizontal construction as the maximum height allowed for a building in the capital is approximately 420ft. Within 3 to 5 years, it is estimated that there will be an inception regarding recurrent construction of apartments in Lahore as compared to horizontal development.

Why High-rise Buildings In Lahore Are Considerable In Coming Era?

High-rise buildings give a prompt answer for the lack of space in the city. A number of individuals can live nearer to their occupations and loved ones. It additionally expels the requirement for expanding the city by taking significant areas like agricultural grounds neighboring it.

Also, high-rise structures enable the city's horizon to be progressively perceptible. The structure itself gives a dazzling perspective on the surrounding city and gives a visual favorable position over different structures. The city additionally turns out to be increasingly perceptible and supports maintenance of territories encompassing the structure.

Final Word

Obviously changing from a regular city to a horizon commanded by high rises buildings is troublesome for a nation like Pakistan. A little advance could be to fuse tall structures into development projects which incorporate both business and private spaces, similar to shopping centers with apartments on upper floors. Furthermore, soon after, there will be towers for workplaces and others for living. 

Next Home is an emerging property portal advertising properties and projects that are available for sale or booking. Read how living in apartment will be a right choice for you.

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For property interests in Lahore, there can't be preferable choices over Bahria Town Lahore. This private project conveys the modern heritage of lifestyle launched by Bahria Town Private Limited. Consistently individuals to whom you ask guidance about property for sale in Lahore will enlighten you about concerning Bahria Town. We are going to feature specific sectors of Bahria Town Lahore where it's an ideal opportunity to invest regarding commercial and residential property.

Rental Homes

The rental property trends in Bahria Town are gaining a boost. Even when the property costs are declining, the rental market is blasting and investors are making some incredible returns.

Since a lot of population lives in rental homes and Bahria Town is the most well known area for living in a financial plan. Demand for homes for rent in Bahria Town is rising day by day due to multiple factors, such as security, power backup, community benefits and availability of commercial and retail hub.

Small Homes

Among other rental property, small homes are the most favored in Bahria Town. Trends show a growing demand of houses of 5 Marla. Prices of these houses differ due to a number of factors such as location, block, property category and furnishing status.


With the increasing demand for land and houses, the trend of apartments has really predominated in Bahria Town. There are a number of apartment projects being built and many have been accomplished. Apartments for sale in Bahria Town are the best options for people having budgetary constraints.


Due to the increasing population in Lahore, the need for housing has increased significantly. It has become difficult for salaried class people to buy home, they prefer buying plots, so that they may have sufficient time to save money for meeting their construction goals. You may easily find residential plots for sale in Bahria Town Lahore in different price range depending upon the area, sector, block and category.


The execution of taxes and government duties has had an unfavorable effect on the property prices. As far as those people who have a few savings, this is a good time to save more money and buy a property in Bahria Town and if you have already shifted to Lahore, Bahria Town will offer you with the best living experience.

Looking For More?

For more information about houses for sale in Bahria Town and houses for rent in Bahria Town, feel free to visit our website to view an array of property listings in different sectors of Bahria Town.